Serato Announces ITCH 2

Serato, the New Zealand concern, has announced the sequel to ITCH, dubbed, wait for it, wait for it, ITCH 2. The second generation software introduces modular
components, effects, and indicates a new road map for the digital mixing software.

With ITCH 2, and Vestax officially announcing the VFX-1, Serato is now set to finally bring effects to their DJ software. The Vestax VFX-1 has a powerful range of effects that are hosted within Serato ITCH 2.0, and will be the very first product that will showcase Serato DJ effects. (Note: Serato has not announced exactly what effects will be available —Ed.)

The Vestax VFX-1 is styled to match the popular Vestax VCI-300 but will also work with other ITCH DJ controllers. “The focus of the ITCH project has been the development of future DJ controllers. The second generation ITCH components allow for a more customizable setup for professional DJs. They also compliment the current all-in- one ITCH hardware for those wanting a more advanced DJ rig, “ stated Serato’s Sam Gribben.

Serato’s ITCH 2.0 will be available sometime during Q4 2009. No official pricing has been announced. More information on Serato ITCH 2.

Author: FutureMusic

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