New Forestar Releases NESynth – 8bit Synth App For iPhone

New Forestar has released the NESynth, an 8bit Synth App for the Apple iPhone. The NES interface is kind of fun, but the real Jedi Power is the fact that you can pitch bend the sounds using the iPhone’s accelerometer, as well as jam with a friend who also has the app and hear what they’re playing on your phone.

The synth portion contains three pulse wave forms (duty cycle 1:1 1:3 1:7), a virtual triangle wave form and two modes of white noise. An arpeggiator is also included.

The New Forestar NESynth costs $1.99 and is available now. Their website is really, really bad, so you may want to hit the app store for a more readable experience. More information on the NESynth.

Author: FutureMusic

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