Swayzak Offer Free Ableton Live Set Pack

Ableton and Swayzak are offering a free Live Set for download that demonstrates how the dubby electronic band from the UK constructs their live shows.

“We take a fairly unstructured path to making a Live Set. Clips are grouped by type (beats, bass, percussion etc) but we don’t usually split a track into stems in order to replay it. We assign key commands to mute each track plus key commands which turn the global effects on and off (on the master channel). We have two sends (reverb and delay); this provides some space and, of course, “dubbiness.” It’s important to really know all the sounds—we usually go through and listen to each one on solo during preparation for a gig (we also delete or transform them if they are boring).”

Swayzak describe how they use Ableton in the video below:

“Then it’s a process of improvisation, as we build up songs using the clips. The aim is to keep the music as fluid and organic as possible—we’re not trying to reproduce an existing piece of music, rather to create something new and unique in real time. Sometimes, of course, there are mistakes or rather “unintentional deviations” that take us off into new directions. Overall, it feels best when we just play without thinking too much and arrive at a point where we don’t know how we got there. After all, it’s supposed to be LIVE.

More information on the Swayzak Ableton Live Pack.

Author: FutureMusic

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