Moog Music Unveils MIDI MuRF Tweak Box

Moog Music has combined the MuRF and Bass MuRF into a new MoogerFooger dubbed the MF-105M MIDI MuRF. Moog claims that the result is a warm, resonant, and 100% analog tweak box the feature Mid and Bass filter bands to bring you everything from shimmering timbral morphing and rhythmic stuttering to deep bass grooves.

In addition to the full range of Control Voltage inputs, it also sports an extensive MIDI implementation. Create tempo-synced filter sequences with MIDI Clock Sync. Change patterns with MIDI Program Change messages. Control front panel knob settings with MIDI CC messages and play the filters in real-time with MIDI Note On commands.

It’s equally at home on the floor, table-top or rack mount, and with all this sound and control in one package, the MF-105M MIDI MuRF connects you to a world of sonic expression, with tight integration into today’s performance, production, DJ and remix environments.

» MuRF and Bass MuRF Filter Bands
» MIDI Clock Sync
» Tap Tempo
» MIDI CC Control
» Pattern Editor

The Moog Music MIDI MuRF will be available sometime in August 2009 for a mere $479 beans. More information on the Moog Music MIDI MuRF.

Author: FutureMusic

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