Audi Designs A Piano – Baby Got Back!

Since corporate-themed Choppers are way passe these days, Audi decided to partner with
piano maker Bosendorfer to construct a grand piano to celebrate Audi’s centennial. You know from some of our past articles about futuristic piano design, that we’re into this type of thing, but this is quite slick.

“Generous surface areas ensure formal clarity; there are no decorative applications, the edges and lines are sharply drawn, the joints logically positioned. All these are important aspects of the Audi design,” says Designer Philip Schlesinger, who implemented the project at the Concept Design Studio in Munich.

The Audio piano will premier at the July 16th Audi Forum in Ingolstadt, Germany.

You too can tickle the keys of the Audi Piano for a paltry $140,000, washer fluid is included.

Author: FutureMusic

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