Intelligent Devices Release MegaDelay Mass – 100 Tap Delay Plug-in

Intelligent Devices has released MegaDelayMass, a new 100-tap delay plug-in. They clearly didn’t spend a lot of effort on the GUI, so hopefully they invested their development on the sound…

We thought something so familiar could use a little sprucing up, so we created MegaDelayMass, the 100 tap delay you can actually control and use in ways nature never intended. MegaDelayMass can be used to create complex stereo fields from mono or stereo sources or to create rich masses of sound from virtually any source.

Think about this — up to 100 separate delay taps that either can be rigidly time-synchronized or completely randomized over a delay length of up to 2 seconds. Go from vocoder-like resonation to unusual, non-linear, reverby sounds. Independently control the volume of the head and tail of the delays. Randomize panning. Control the shape of delay timing, volume, and panning using an exponential or logarithmic curve. Use MegaDelayMass as a non-linear room simulator (especially if you’re a fan of pre-delay). Randomize the polarity of the taps. Add a regenerative delay that plays back only the sound of the taps and can be placed anywhere over 2000ms to create repeating patterns, with control over its own feedback and phase. Also, If you’re familiar with Pure Data, MAX/MSP, or REAKTOR, you can easily create patches that allow you to “play” the resonation. (exceptionally lovely with stereo input).

MegaDelayMass comes in three “flavors”all bundled in one download, giving users their choice of processing: MegaDelayMassMM: mono input, mono output: Useful for single-point sources that you’d like discretely processed and placed. MegaDelayMassMS: mono input, stereo output: Excellent for “stereofying” mono sources and adding shimmer and excitement. MegaDelayMassSS: stereo input, stereo output: Nice for effecting things “in-place” or radically messing with the stereo image.

» Quickly create and control an army of delay taps.
» Use the innovative graphical display to clearly see distribution over time, position in the stereo field and phase of individual taps.
» Place taps apart equidistantly for resonant and tube like results.
» Use pre-delay to offset all the taps up to 2000ms.
» Use randomization and logarithmic scaling to create dense and rich patterns.
» Use density curves, clumping taps together or exponentially spreading them apart for a “rushing” or “pulling” effect.
» Create sweeping patterns for stereo or or alternating panning for Ping Pong trails.
» Control the probability of individual tap phase inversion.
» Enhance any existing source or create entirely new sounds.
» Automate the parameters with your favorite host software to play a dynamic resonator.
» Add a regenerative delay that replays the taps with control over its own feedback, time position and phase.

Intelligent Devices MegaDelay Mass costs $49 and is available now as a VST plug-in for Windows and Mac. More information on Intelligent Devices MegaDelay Mass.

Author: FutureMusic

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