Livid Instruments Announces Next Generation Ohm MIDI Controller

Livid Instruments is now taking pre-orders on their next generation MIDI controller, the Ohm64. Adaptive and programmable, the Ohm will output MIDI for control, and listen to MIDI to be controlled.

The new Ohm64 is USB powered, with no drivers required on either the Mac or PC platform. All controls can be remapped to a variety of MIDI messages, and all the buttons have programmable LEDs, so you can create your own interfaces simply by sending MIDI commands back to the Ohm. It can be as simple as listening to the MIDI that is already generated by software, or you can program your own style with a sequencer, or more in depth programs, like Max/MSP, Plogue Bidule, PD, or Reactor. A growing library of open source software (mostly Max patches) give you the tools and talents to animate button interaction, make a step sequencer, or even make a VU meter.

» USB Powered
» Bi-Directional MIDI communication
» Class-compliant: no drivers needed for mac or windows.
» 75 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back & interactive performance
» Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware
» Aluminum Faceplate
» Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction
» Ohm Core software included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming
» Cell DNA video performance software included
» Standard MIDI IN and OUT jacks
» Mostly Hand-Made in the USA by humans and some semi-intelligent robots

In summary, the Ohm’s controls feature a fully programmable, backlit 64-button clip bank, onboard function controls, 8 mute/solo buttons, a BPM tap, 8 high-quality faders,16 rotary knobs, and a DJ-style crossfader. The Ohm 64 is available in a hand crafted wood body, or a sleek aluminum body.

Livid Instruments new Ohm64 can be pre-ordered now for $599. It is available in natural, blue, red, and unfinished Jelutong wood. More information on the Livid Instruments Ohm64.

Author: FutureMusic

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