H.G. Fortune Unleashes X-Wheel of Fortune 6

H. G. Fortune has released X-Wheel of Fortune 6 (X-WoF 6), a versatile multipart music system with a built-in cell step control sequencer for creating Ambient or and soundtrack music.

Simply set up certain parameters and let X-WoF 6 work its magic. X-WoF 6 features a variety of 262 built-in scales (Pentatonic, Hexatonic and Heptatonic) using harmonical scale steps. Additionally you might assign a dedicated – even experimental – User scale for each patch.

There are 10 built-in soundengines: two synthesizers for Pad parts, one for Bass, one for HiSq (high sequences), one for Athmo-loops (e.g. rain, waterflow, sonar etc.) and OneShot sounds plus 5 percussion instruments. For overall interactive realtime control there are two XY SuperModulation pads plus one XY Master Control pad with the option to control the other two. Thus you have up to 28 different modulation destinations under the control of just one knob even with different polarities i.e. directions.

The X-WoF 6 now has everything built around the new cell step control sequencer. It is called cell step control sequencer because every step is a cell of variable play length in bars (from 1 to 8) plus options to set up different subtempo settings for Bass, HiSq, HiHat and Perc 3-5 part and assigning an Athmo or One Shot wave for every 2nd step with adjustable level und tuning! You can determine harmonical scale steps to be used for each step independantly to be played by the Pad parts and used as starting note for Bass and HiSq patterns. These scale steps are derived from the currently selected scale. For every 8 steps there is the option to set up a different base note to transpose the next 7 steps accordingly. Also you can determine step ranges to be played e.g. from step 5 to 12 or so.

H.G. Fortune’s X-Wheel of Fortune 6 costs €69 and is available now as a VSTi for Windows. More information on H.G. Fortune’s X-Wheel of Fortune 6.

Author: FutureMusic

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