Do The Cockatoo!

Now we know where some punters get their moves…

The movie above shows three excerpts of videos analyzed in this experiment by Patel, A.D. Iversen, J. R. Bregmen, M.R. and Shulz taken from their 2009 “study” Experimental evidence for synchronization for to a musical beat in a non-human animial – published online April 30, 2009. Each excerpt is at a tempo different from the original song (Everybody, by the Backstreet Boys; 108.7 beats per minute [bpm]). The excerpts include synchronized bouts, periods during which Snowball bobs his head in synchrony with the musical beat for at least 12 consecutive bobs.

Frankly, the whole thing looks like a put-on to us, but at least the video is entertaining…

Author: FutureMusic

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