Head Direct Announces HiFiMAN – PMP For Audiophiles

A new PMP (Personal Media Player) has hit the market for audiophiles. The HiFiMAN features Burr-Brown PCM1704 Digital to Analog conversion and a OPA627 op-amp, which can be swapped out if you don’t feel it’s cutting the sonic mustard.

» Modular Design: Modular Amplifier Bay (Named GanQi Bay)
» 14.8 volt Lithium Polymer Battery Bay
» Memory: SDHC Card
» Volume control: ALPS Analog Attenuator
» DAC function: Coaxial (44.1kHz only) , USB DAC (up to 96kHz)
» DAC Chip: Burr-Brown PCM1704; Op-Amp: OPA627
» Size: 114 mm *78mm * 25.5 mm or 4.49 * 3.07 * 1.00 Inch
» Output: Headphone out; Line out
» Exchangeable Module Battery Life : 6 to 8 hours (Depending on What Modular Amplifier board is inside)
» Charger and External Power supply: E-core Transformer
» Additional Accessories: Lithium polymer battery, External Power Supply, USB cable, mini-coaxial adapter

Storage comes via SDHC cards for up to 128GB of onboard storage and includes outputs for both headphones and line-out. The manufacturer claims a paltry battery life of only 6-8hrs.

Supported File Formats:
» APE Fast/Normal/High Mode
» AAC 16K-320Kbps
» FLAC/WMA lossless VBR 44.1kHz (will support 24bit 96KHz via software upgrade in the future)
» WMA 8-355kbps
» OGG Quality 0 – Quality 10
» MP3 (VBR) 8-320Kbps

The HiFiMAN HM-801 will cost around 700 bills when it launches in June. More information on the HiFiMAN.

Author: FutureMusic

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