Tonium Selling New 60GB Pacemaker Exclusively At Amazon In US

Tonium is now shipping its 60GB Pacemaker, a portable DJ system, in the United States exclusively at for only $499.

The Pacemaker is a 60GB portable media player that features full DJ capabilities in a package the about the size of a PlayStation Portable (PSP). Imagine two turntables, a mixer and an entire record collection contained in a device that fits into your pocket. Pacemaker’s two independent audio channels let you play two tracks side by side. Beatmatching is easily done by the click of a button, with a full set of audio effects and a crossfader.

The Pacemaker itself is part of the larger Pacemaker platform that encompasses the Pacemaker Editor and the Pacemaker Community. Pacemaker Editor is a free, downloadable PC and Mac compatible computer application that allows you to play music and edit and create mixes. The Pacemaker Community is an online music community that allows members to upload and legally share the mixes of their music, created by the Pacemaker or the Pacemaker Editor software.

The Future: The new $499 price point is what the product should have initially been tagged with when it first debuted a year ago. The Amazon connection is an easy, not to mention savvy, solution for the US market, but does leave several influential retailers out of the equation. Ultimately, what it will come down to is if there is still enough technolust floating around in the market to tempt the purse strings of consumers in this shaky economy.

Author: FutureMusic

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