Theodore Watson Premiers Spinning Vinyl iPod Touch App

Theodore Watson has premiered his Spinning Vinyl iPod touch App via Vimeo. Made with openFrameworks, Watson created the App in just a couple of days as a response to our report on Todd Vanderlin’s AR scratching technology.

According to Watson, “the app uses the accelerometer of the ipod touch to control the speed of a “vinyl record” on the screen. Slowing down the record and speeding it up is just a matter of controlling how fast you spin the device.”

There’s something quite charming about the spinning touch in the clip above. As of now, the touch is the only product that will successfully spin, due to the curvature of its back, but I’m sure some iPhone users will figure something out so they can join in on the fun. Next upgrade will include the ability to scratch and then hopefully a release to the public…

More information on the Theodore Watson Spinning Vinyl App.

Author: FutureMusic

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