Best Buy Set To Debut Vinyl Record Section

Best Buy, the third-largest music seller behind Apple’s iTunes and Wal-Mart, is set to debut a vinyl only section in each of its 1000 stores after the industry announced that the OG format logged a 15% uptick in sales this past year.

Don’t get too excited. Best Buy is only devoting a “whopping” eight square feet of merchandising space for its vinyl sales experiment, which will amount to something like 150 Fleetwood Mac albums.

The decision was made after Best Buy tested the concept in 100 of its stores around the country. In those stores, vinyl achieved 5% of Best Buy’s total music sales.

Hoping to capitalize on the renewed interest in vinyl, many of the majors are now releasing remastered versions of their best selling catalog albums with their original artwork and packaging.

Author: FutureMusic

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