Skot Wiedmann Demonstrates Latest Analog Synth With Unique Dial Controllers


It’s hard to make sense of exactly what’s going on here, since there’s no backstory provided, but synthologist/inventor Skot Wiedmann has just released of video of his latest synth contraption.

We’ve reached out to Skot for more details, here’s what he had to say:

re: the technology
The unit in the video is made out of over 50 circuit boards that I designed and built. It is a sort of computer that is programmed by plugging wires into its various connections. Its a kind of endless playground for experimentation.

re: the dial controllers
The controllers are twofold. There is a spinner that is a continuously rotating aluminum cylinder, and around each spinner is a pressure sensitive pad. Both of these can be connected to interact with the other circuitry, as seen in the video.

re: anything else
I can tell you a little about the performance in the video. It is an improvisation, one in which I tried to cover more abstract soundscapes and give some insight into a small fraction of the possibilities. Hope you enjoyed it!

We did Skot, we only wish you were a little more verbose…

“More” information on Skot Wiedmann.

Author: FutureMusic

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