Solid State Logic Unveils Duende V3 & X-Verb Plug-In

Solid State Logic has released Duende V3 and new X-Verb plug-in.

Duende V3 doubles the power of the original Duende platform with the introduction of an entirely new audio engine, dubbed Hybrid Core Processing. V3 enables users to upgrade Duende Mini to 64 channels and Duende PCIe to 128 channels. Hybrid Core Processing is one of the very first professional audio engines to make full use of the latest generation of Intel processors to deliver stability and performance. Duende V3 requires Intel Core 2 or Intel Mac based computers to run. Customers with computers utilizing older, or lower powered processors will not be able to run Duende V3 software or run the new generation of SSL plug-ins. Duende V3 is a free software download (including X-Verb demo) but channel upgrades will be sold exclusively via the Solid State Logic web store.

The power of Duende V3 enabled SSL unleash X-Verb, the first of a new breed of sophisticated four slot SSL Plug-ins. X-Verb by SSL delivers the density, warmth, depth and detail usually only associated with high class hardware reverb units. The power behind the true professional quality of X-Verb is simple; it is not a Convolution Reverb based on impulse responses, it is a true Reverberation Generator based on unique SSL algorithms.

The algorithm based approach generates excellent results, with lowest possible latencies and allows dynamic access to all of the fine detail parameters of the Early Reflection and Reverb structure. The sheer sonic might of X-Verb is wrapped in a GUI that provides comprehensive editability. The new ‘Morph’ feature allows MIDI Controllable crossfading from one Reverb Preset to another.

» Unique SSL Reverb Algorithm Engine
» 4 Core Algorithms create a complete collection of processors
» Quick Controls Panel to easily alter the 200 superb Presets
» Stunning Graphical User Interface to access detailed parameter set
» Unique automatable Morphing feature to dynamically morph from one preset to another
» Uses 4 Duende slots per stereo instance

SSL’s V3 64-channel upgrade for Duende Mini, V3 128-channel upgrade for Duende PCIe and X-Verb will be available starting in May. More information on the Solid State Logic Duende V3 and new X-Verb plug-in.

Author: FutureMusic

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