Native Instruments & Richie Hawtin Leverage Twitter In Traktor Pro 1.2 Update

Leave it to Native Instruments and Richie Hawtin to figure out how to leverage Twitter’s microblogging technology for brilliant use with the latest incarnation of their DJ mixing software, Traktor Pro. Richie Hawtin has just embarked on a new tour with a Twitter-enabled Traktor setup, which will display the tracklists of his sets online in real-time as he plays them in the club. This savvy concept is based on a custom Twitter...

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Theodore Watson Premiers Spinning Vinyl iPod Touch App

Theodore Watson has premiered his Spinning Vinyl iPod touch App via Vimeo. Made with openFrameworks, Watson created the App in just a couple of days as a response to our report on Todd Vanderlin’s AR scratching technology. According to Watson, “the app uses the accelerometer of the ipod touch to control the speed of a “vinyl record” on the screen. Slowing down the record and speeding it up is just a matter of...

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