NUSofting Releases Prima Delay – VST Plug-in

NUSofting has released Prima Delay, a new VST effect plug-in capable of producing a myriad of echo types and reverbs, as well as stereo chorusing and a cluster of unique phasing effects.

NUSofting calls their new effect plug-in the “Prima Donna of Tap Delays” and says an AU version is in development.

» Number of Delay Taps adjustable from 1 to 128.
» Tap Delay Time, each from 1 to 2000 ms (dependant on SampleRate)
» Amplitude Envelope for taps with adjustable curvature.
» Tap Times deployment for accelerated or decelerated delay effects (“bouncing ball”)
» Positive or Negative Feedback.
» LFO modulation of delay lengths (Rate and Depth controls)
» 3 Delay Line Quality types.
» 12dB Highpass and Lowpass filters on input signal before delay.
» Mono, Stereo and inverse Stereo output of the Taps, alternated on left and right channels.
» MIDI learn for each parameter, preset selction by Program Change.
» Graphic Display of the series of taps, with zoom focus.
» Works at any SampleRate.
» Skinnable interface, 3 skins already included.
» Use Alt key and click non the display to open the Manual from the GUI.

NUSofting’s Prima Delay costs $ and is available now. More information on NUSofting Prima Delay.

Author: FutureMusic

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