Samgo Innovations Unveils PerfecTone Portable Ear Training Device

Samgo Innovations has unveiled the PerfecTone Portable Ear Training Studio, a new gadget that offers a number of ear training exercises through a perfect pitch and relative pitch training method that is fully customizable for both beginning and advanced musicians.

With PerfecTone, users are able to develop their ear’s ability to recognize notes, intervals, scales (modes), degrees of a scale, chords (triads and sevenths in every inversion), melodies, rhythms and chord progressions; providing perfect pitch and relative pitch training. The device also incorporates a metronome, tone generator, score tracking and applies classical and popular jazz chord and inversion notations.

Samgo’s PerfecTone costs $199 and is available now. More information on Samgo PerfecTone.

Author: FutureMusic

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