Ingenuity + Controllerism + Bong Hits =’s Fretless Fader

Well, I bet you didn’t see this coming…

Even you controllerists out there have to be doing a little tongue waggin’ when it comes to this savvy Do-It-Yourselfin’

John Beez has created the Fretless Fader, which basically separates the crossfader from a Vestax PMC06 DJ mixer and puts it on rails for some “fretless” controller action. The inventive rail system is controlling the record’s pitch via MIDI. He even throws in some talkbox action for even more nuttiness.

Now if I’m the president of a major Japanese music instrument manufacturer, I’d put down my chopsticks, find John, and hire him…but that won’t happen…right Mr. K?

Author: FutureMusic

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