Ueberschall Unveils Electrolines Sample Library

ueberschall has unveiled the Electrolines Liquid library. Electrolines features 78 themes and over 1000 analog synth sequences. Every theme consists of leads, basses and effects, which are different in terms of filter movement, sound and groove.

Electrolines can be used as a main melody, backing or fill-in. It’s also compatible with diverse commercial / professional environments and tracking needs. All cuts have been sculpted especially for electronic music genres like Electro House, Electronica, Minimal, Progressive House, Trance, Tech House and Drum&Bass, to name a few. Electrolines was produced solely with analog synthesizers and signal processing gear. A couple examples include: Moog Voyager, Alesis Andromeda, Omega 8, Se-1x, Sh 101, Korg Monopoly, Oberheim Xpander & Ob-MX.

The Liquid-Player engine makes it possible easily alter the provided content. Change the key, tempo, pitch, or formants of whole melodies or single notes in only a few steps. It also allows you to switch the starting and end points.

Ueberschall’s Electrolines costs €99 and contains 800 MB worth of material including 1024 Bass and Lead Lines. It comes in the AU/VST/RTAS flavors for Mac and PC. More information on the Ueberschall Electrolines Library.

Author: FutureMusic

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