Chameleon Labs 7802 Opto-Tube Compressor & 7602 MKII Mic Pre/EQ Now Available

Chameleon Labs is now shipping their new 7802 Opto-Tube Compressor and 7602 MKII Mic Pre/EQ.

In the spirit of classic opto compressors, the 7802 is a hybrid design of vacuum tube and transformer circuitry combined with modern, high performance components. The 7802 offers smooth, open, full bandwidth compression, while imparting a pleasant, subtle glow to your tracks. The silky attack is achieved via electro-optical circuitry, followed by a robust tube makeup gain stage. Final perfection is presented via the transformer balanced outputs. The 7802 can operate in dual mono or stereo linked mode, features a tube overdrive control, selectable compression (2:1 or 4:1), and a control path HPF for each channel.

The 7602 MKII is the sequel to Chameleon Labs’ popular 100% discrete, Class ‘A’, vintage inspired 7602 Mic Pre/EQ. The 7602 MKII employs a classic circuit design, polystyrene capacitors, a gold contact gain selector and custom wound transformers. New features include: selectable mic impedance, LED input metering, and sleek anodized aluminum knobs. A factory installed Carnhill Mic and Output transformer modification ($249) is now offered as an upgrade. The 7602 MKII now includes an inline transformer power supply. The rackmountable CPS-1 can still be ordered separately, but it is no longer required.

Chameleon Labs’ 7802 Opto-Tube Compressor costs $799 and the 7602 MKII Mic Pre/EQ will set you back $739. More information on Chameleon Labs’ 7802 Opto-Tube Compressor and 7602 MKII Mic Pre/EQ.

Author: FutureMusic

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