Tone2 Unleashes Gladiator 2 Mega Synth

Tone2 has updated their mega-synth, Gladiator, to version 2 status. Tone2 calls Gladiator “a revolution in synthesis” – we call it a buttload of synthesis types crammed into one virtual instrument:

Synth Types:
» Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM3)
» Frequency Modulation (FM)
» Amplitude Modulation (AM)
» Phase Distortion (PD)
» Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
» Phase Modulation (PM)
» Oscillator sync
» Wave shaping
» Supersaw
» Resynthesis sounds
» Vocoder sounds
» Additive sounds (512 partials)
» Sample playback

Tone2 has neglected to showcase exactly what has been updated. (Marketing kids! MARKETING!!) But here’s their feature laundry list…

» Big sonic range: unique, analog, warm, transparent and fat sound.
» Low CPU usage.
» Semi-modular: flexible and expandable.
» Over 1,000 presets.
» Real stereo, Dolby Prologic II encoding.
» Up to 18 oscillators per voice; 4x stereo unison.
» 110 different oscillator types with 36,865 waveforms.
» Alias-free: 162x oversampling.
» Psychoacoustical processing.
» 41 unique filters (Analog, vocal, comb, Moog, phaser, EQ, etc.).
» 20 different effects.
» 7 distortion types with a warm, analog sound.
» Programmable arpeggiator, step LFO and trance-gate.
» BPM syncable.
» IQM for clearer chords (intelligent microtuning).

Tone2’s Gladiator 2 will set you back $199 / €149 and is available now in the VST and AU plug-in flavors for Windows and Mac OS X. More information on Tone2 Gladiator 2.

Author: FutureMusic

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