Dark Side Of The Tune Releases Eclectic Sound Libraries

Dark Side Of The Tune, a new concern from Seattle, Washington, has released three new sample collections, Sledgehammer To Happy, Pitch Dark and Pretty Empty. Dark Side of the Tune creates experimental sample and sound effect libraries offering “vibe-driven, loop-based production to an industry dominated by genre.”

Sledgehammer to Happy evolves the art of distortion and effects in a homogenized world. Distinguished by eclectic combinations of distorted beats, analog synths, circuit bent toys and other found objects, Sledgehammer to Happy offers refreshingly gritty, rhythmic texture woven with trashy beats. Sounds are heavily processed with analog and digital equipment, then manipulated and sequenced. Overdriven bass lines and speeding tempos deliver in-your-face edge.

Pitch Dark delivers a haunting feel of lost-in-space uncertainty and conflict: sci-fi drones and low frequency hums join dissonant yet ethereal sounds for a post-apocalyptic feel. Bent equipment, analog synthesizers, LFO modulated strings, basses and lush drum beats flesh out a finished sound for experimental artists looking to add a futuristic battleground ambience to their productions.

Pretty Empty brings irony to emptiness. For the contemplative artist wanting stripped down music with lamenting, dreamy sounds, Pretty Empty delivers a different definition of nothingness.Watery synth lines, minor chords and bit reduced drums with slower tempos fill the void to birth sounds that are blue, clean, atonal and counter-rhythmic.

Sample libraries are available in download or can be delivered in CD hard copy. Packaged and downloadable sets are sold separately or as a box set containing all three collections.

Dark Side Of The Tune’s sample libraries cost $49.95 each or $119.95 as a three set package. More information on Dark Side Of The Tune.

Author: FutureMusic

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