Audiorealism Announces TechnoBox For The iPhone

Audiorealism has announced technoBox for the Apple iPhone. TechnoBox is basically Rebirth for the iPhone with the famed Roland Holy Triad of X0X boxes crammed into one interface for your acid pleasure.

technoBox contains vibrant emulations of the legendary 303 bass line machine with the smooth 808 and punchy 909 drum machines. technoBox has easy to use sequencing capabilities which lets you tie together patterns, or use it live by improvising pattern switches on the fly.

Featuring the same high quality audio engine as ABL2, Audiorealism claims the technoBox’s audio engine has aliasing free oscillators and full range of non-linear filters. The drum section features 11 parts with 808 or 909 sounds (for a total of 22 sounds) with variable amount of shuffle per pattern.

» Authentic 303 emulation based on the ABL2 engine
» Drum module with selectible 808 or 909 sounds
» Shuffle with variable amount for drum module
» Transpose and randomizer for synth module
» 24 patterns per session (12 for 303, 12 for 808/909)
» Pattern sequencer with up to 1000 bars
» Session manager with realtime switching
» High contrast GUI
» Supports autorotation to your preferred landscape orientation
» On board quickstart manual
» Supports multi-touch for knobs

technoBox comes with a session manager which allows you to load/save sessions in realtime without stopping the internal sequencer — great for saving realtime improvised patterns without interrupting the audio stream.

No pricing or availability has been announced. More information on Audiorealism technoBox.

Author: FutureMusic

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