MIT Unveils “Sixth Sense” Interface Technology – Music Applications Abound

With the controllerism and its offshoots in full bloom around the world, musicians will rejoice upon learning about MIT’s new Sixth Sense interface technology.

Right now it consists of readily available components that have been jacked together to create a new interface realm right out of Minority Report.

Students at MIT have dubbed the wearable prototype, which consists of a mobile projector, Webcam, and mobile phone, Wear Ur World (WUW). Just like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, the concept will allow the user to manipulate computing devices by essentially playing Charades with their hands.

Music applications abound from such capabilities, including the ability to play “air” guitar, piano and drums, as well as conduct a full orchestra. More experimental uses include manipulating hybrid virtual musical instruments in realtime.

Author: FutureMusic

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