112dB Releases Redline Monitor – Nearfield Simulation For Headphone Monitoring

112dB has released Redline Monitor, a listening, mixing, and mastering tool. It claims to replace the extreme stereo separation that is characteristic for headphones with the detailed stereo image of near-field monitor speakers.

Redline Monitor’s proprietary algorithm performs a combination of filtering, frequency-dependent delaying, mid/side processing, and room simulation to create an acoustic soundstage that allows you to properly localize sound sources. It also adjusts the relative levels of panned sources as they appear on speakers, and moves the soundstage from an indeterminate location inside your head (with headphones) towards a clearly defined location in front of you.

Now you can accurately judge levels, stereo placement, and overall balance on your favorite set of headphones–anywhere, anytime, and without ear fatigue even after prolonged listening. No more night long headphone sessions that turn out lifeless and with too little reverb and separation on speakers. Redline Monitor makes mixes sound identical on speakers and headphones.

112dB’s Redline Monitor, for PC and Mac, will set you back $69, and comes in the AU, RTAS and VST flavors. More information on 112dB Redline Monitor.

Author: FutureMusic

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