HG Fortune Releases Atonoise VSTi Synth & Plug-In

HG Fortune has released Atonoise, an atonal, bizarre VSTi synthesizer and VST effect. It has very limited controls for filter and the such, but since HG feels the musician is only using atonal sounds, they don’t think it matters for creating spooky, SciFi and noisy sounds.

Here’s what they have to say…
Atonoise is basically not meant for full polyphonic play, rather than mono- or duophonic though 5 voices are supported simply to have some reserve at longer release settings of the ADSR. Using more than two voices even might lead to slight distortions – in such case lower the levels at the oscillators or Dry/Wet.

There are two oscillators each with a level adjust and both followed by one amp ADSR EG. The different waveforms simply provide different flavours to the modifiers. There are four modifiers: Inferno and Spook 1 to Spook 3. Inferno adds via Inferno Mix some upper harmonics generated from the input very similar to the timbre feature of my Swamp VSTi. Spook 1 and Spook 2 modifiers can be used as single, in parallel 1|2 or in series 1-2 (see image Signal flow below). The spook amount is determined by the two spook knobs while the XY-Pad ads more or less density i.e. a fairly metallic sound in lower left corner or less density at upper right corner. This can be modulated by selectable and even invertible LFOs. Moving the ‘Ghost’ image like a joystick ball manually is another option to modulate density. Spook 3 adds even some kind of reverbish flavour when slider is moved to the right.

Anyway please note that using all four modifiers at the same time may soon be the overdose to the mix instead try with more subtle settings by selecting only two or three modifiers.

For usage as VST Effect (Pro version only) one can run an external audio signal through the modifiers instead of or in addition to the internal soundsources. There is an External Input Level adjust knob to control the amount of input signal while the Dry/Wet knob serves to balance between the Dry incoming and the Wet processed signal. Note: Using as synth this knob should be turned fully to right = wet position.

HG Fortune’s Atonoise is available now for €9. More information on HG Fortune Atonoise.

Author: FutureMusic

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