The Audiorama Is Back!

Grundig claims “The design is from the 70s, the technology from tomorrow.” We don’t know if that’s exactly the case, but we do like seeing a reissue of the iconic Seventies speaker. The archetypal Audiorama always looked a lot better than it sounded, however, with today’s technology, the original concept may be realized. The new model is more elliptical and has a dented and chromed silver band, but it...

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Ueberschall Unveils Electrolines Sample Library

ueberschall has unveiled the Electrolines Liquid library. Electrolines features 78 themes and over 1000 analog synth sequences. Every theme consists of leads, basses and effects, which are different in terms of filter movement, sound and groove. Electrolines can be used as a main melody, backing or fill-in. It’s also compatible with diverse commercial / professional environments and tracking needs. All cuts have been sculpted...

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