Even Harmonic Releases Gtak Guitar To MIDI To Kontakt Middleware

Even Harmonic has released Gtak, a new tool for MIDI Guitar musicians that makes it easy to use Native Instruments Kontakt 3 with Guitar to MIDI converters.

Even Harmonic claims Gtak makes it easy to use Kontakt3 with a Guitar to MIDI converter. It comes preloaded into copies of 1079 instruments from the Kontakt3 library and can also be loaded it into any other Kontakt3 instrument.

Gtak makes Kontakt3 instruments understand all the pitchbend information that Guitar to MIDI converters send, so there is no need to load six copies of the same instrument. Changing sounds takes one click. You are free to load many different instruments and play them using Gtak’s built in string and fret split functions, or switch between them using Gtak’s pedal control functions.

The supplied Kontakt3 library instruments have also been extensively tweaked to make them work better with Guitar to MIDI converters.

Even Harmonic’s Gtak costs €69 and is available now. More information on Even Harmonic Gtak.

Author: FutureMusic

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