Michel Rouzic Releases Photosounder For PC

Michel Rouzic has released Photosounder 1.0, a synthesis program that turns images into sound and sound into images.

The interpreted sounds, once turned into images, can then be modified with effects to obtain dynamic results, while images can be manipulated to create otherworldly sounds.

» Analyzes sounds into images, and vice-versa
» Loads nearly all image formats
» Loads OGG and WAV sounds
» Can save the resulting sound from an image into a WAV file
» Features spray tools to edit the image-sound by hand
» Can adjust the frequency range, frequency scale, tempo (playback rate), gamma
» Can rotate and flip the image-sound

Michel Rouzic’s Photosounder is available now for Windows PC for €99. A demo version is available for evaluation. More information on Photosounder.

Author: FutureMusic

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