Muse Research Updates Receptor 2 PRO & Receptor 2 PRO MAX

Muse Research updated their Receptor 2 PRO and Receptor 2 PRO MAX plug-in players. These new models of Receptor are faster, smarter, and better in all respects than the previous generation…well that’s usually why you update, right??

They feature entirely new computational engines including fast dual-core processors that offer twice the power of the previous generation, new SATA-2 storage systems that offer three times more disc bandwidth, 10 times the networking speed, and 50% more memory that is twice as fast as before.

These significant improvements in the hardware are coupled with an entirely new software foundation and give Receptor 2 PRO and Receptor 2 PRO MAX the pure performance muscle required by demanding players and composers.

Receptor 2 PRO – The ideal machine for players
Keyboardists, drummers, producers, composers, and guitarists around the world have found Receptor to be the ultimate platform on which to run their favorite virtual instruments and effects. Now, the Receptor 2 PRO increases performance by doubling the processing power, tripling the 500GB hard drive bandwidth, increasing and speeding up the memory subsystem to 3GB and 800Mhz respectively, and enhancing the looks with a new blue LCD, milled aluminum knobs, and a sexy grey front panel.

Advanced features such as Z-Load, Snapshots, and the powerful MIDI filter make this the ideal tool for creating, manipulating and performing with your virtual instruments and effects. Keyboardists love the super-fast performance that gives them the ability to run tons of plug-ins and huge sample libraries. Guitarists will love the extra processing power that allows effects processing plug-ins like Guitar Rig, ReValver, and Amplitube to run with less latency along with the ability to switch sounds instantly. Drummers will love how Receptor stores huge drum libraries in a completely self-contained system that performs with unbelievably fast response.

Receptor 2 PRO MAX – The composers dream come true
The new Receptor 2 PRO MAX performs significantly faster with its new 3GHz dual core processing engine, 3GB of super fast RAM, and a whopping 1000GB (1 TB) drive, and an E-SATA port for connection to external drive arrays. Add to that the Receptor 2 PRO MAX’s efficient software platform, and you have an ideal production partner that still fits in a 2 -rack space box and weighs only 18 pounds.

Receptor 2 PRO MAX enhances your workflow and lets you work smarter through a variety of unique software features such as our Universal Preset Access (UPA) that brings out all of the factory presets of a virtual instrument or effect for easy access from the mixer-like user interface, saving you the time of having to call up a plug-in by entering its own graphical user interface. Additionally, Receptor 2 PRO MAX’s enhanced Ethernet performance benefits Muse Research’s UniWire technology that lets you off-load processor intensive tasks to the Receptor 2 PRO MAX, preserving your main CPU for running your DAW software.

The Receptor 2 PRO and Receptor 2 PRO MAX also feature updated factory sounds, including hundreds of presets based on the Plugsound BOX collection of virtual instruments. This collection of keyboards, synths, GM sounds, Drums, and Urban sounds and Loops is now included with every standard Receptor.

Muse Research’s Receptor 2 PRO and Receptor 2 PRO MAX are available now and cost $2599 for the Receptor 2 PRO and $3199 for the Receptor 2 PRO MAX. More information on the Receptor 2 PRO and Receptor 2 PRO MAX.

Author: FutureMusic

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