Rayzoon Releases Jamcussion

Rayzoon has released Jamcussion, a hand percussion add-on for their Jamstix 2 virtual drummer VSTi. When Jamstix is synchronized to your sequencer, it allows for in-depth, real-time modeling of various styles as well as human drummers with their own habits, accents and fill characteristics.

Jamcussion is the most complex Jamstix expansion that Rayzoon has developed thus far. Not only does it add a wide range of percussive sounds and new style and player models but it also expands the interface of Jamstix 2 to allow the simulation of three dedicated percussionists, complete with separate bar, song and kit editing.

» expands the Jamstix interface and A.I. with 3 new percussionists
» features its own kit editor, bar editor and brain elements
» 35 percussion instruments covering a wide range of styles and locales
» adds 12 new instrument slots to the Jamstix kit concept
» 26 styles modeling West-African, Latin, Modern and even Middle-Eastern rhythms
» two percussionist player models
» 11 percussion kits, including African, Latin, Darbuka and Udu kits
» 7 quickstart songs
» can be used with the Jamstix A.I., e-drumkits or traditionally via MIDI by the host

Rayzoon’s Jamcussion is available now for $59. More information on Rayzoon Jamcussion.

Author: FutureMusic

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