Samplebase Announces Three Indie Rock Construction Kits & Three New Sample Libraries

Samplebase has unveiled three Indie Rock Construction Kits by producer Five Seven Five Music, which marks the beginning of a new “Rock” category on Samplebase. Dusk to Dust, Relevation, and Hana contain separate mixable elements such as drums and percussion, bass guitar, electric guitar, organ, piano, and “tron” loops that allow users to produce their own mixes.

The first few multis in each Constuction Kit contain three different pre-constructed mixes that ebb and flow to produce intros, outros, verses, and choruses, so users can start making music right away. There are additional multis that provide alternate parts for each instrument, which can be used to create extended remixes, or to spawn ideas for entirely new songs. As in many Samplebase SoundBlocks, effects can be controlled with the modulation wheel.

In addition, Samplebase has dropped Purusha Dharma – India Classical Male Voice a new collection of authentic Carnatic “Gayaki” vocals sung by Sampagodu S. Vighnaraja. Carnatic music is believed to be of divine origin in Indian culture, and gayaki, is one of two classical styles of Carnatic singing. These pure, authentic phrases are true enough for film scores and indigenous music, but they’re also perfect for hip hop, electronic, experimental, and world tracks. Using Satellite’s pitch shift and time stretch capabilities, along with pre-programmed modulation wheel effects and Quick Edit knob controls, users can easily manipulate these outstanding vocal phrases to match any tempo and style of music.

Another new offering, James Davis – House Guitar – 125BPM, is a funky, uptempo collection of guitar loops specifically designed for progressive house music and produced by session player James Davis. The first of three in a series, this collection focuses on the commonly used House tempo of 125 BPM (the series covers 125, 127, and 130 BPM) and contains a handful of variations for each riff, including some creative edits, chops and reverses. Customers also get a handful of pre-assigned effects that are specially designed to add more color and interest to the grooves. The mod wheel provides immediate control over a low pass filter which can be used for builds and transitions.

Lastly, VOCOLogic – Vocoded Vocal Grooves is a collection of rhythms produced with the human mouth, vocoded in a way never before presented. These vocoded grooves were created using a a variety of techniques. There are over 55 loops, as well as a bonus percussion set of 60 different single hits that can be used to program original grooves. These loops are perfect for a wide variety of uses and genres including hip-hop, electronic, film, and video games. They cover tempos of 100, 115, and 127 BPM in several keys. Tempo and key can be changed on the fly by using Satellite’s time stretch/pitch shift algorithm. Using the modulation wheel users can immediately add pre-programmed effects like tempo-synced panning, filter cutoff, delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, and bit crusher, or program their own effects.

More information on the new Samplebase Sample Libraries.

Author: FutureMusic

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