Remix Magazine Bites The Dust

Remix Magazine, a publication focused on electronic music and culture, has announced that it is ceasing publication in 2009. The magazines last issue will be January, slated to hit shelves sometime in late 2008.

The publication claims that it will still operate its website and conduct it’s Remix Hotel showcases. However, most industry insiders can’t see those initiatives lasting through 2009, especially since the Remix Hotel hasn’t upgraded its “cookie-cutter” format since its inception. In addition, the announcement isn’t much of a surprise to subscribers who have noticed a significant reduction in the editorial and a “thinning” of the magazine since the beginning of the year.

Kylee Swensen, the magazine’s editor, cited the global economic meltdown as the main reason for the magazine’s demise, “the economy got me. I knew it was coming these last six months, and Remix, the print magazine, is no longer.” However, with the sheer amount of new technology being debuted on a monthly basis, its obvious that Penton Media, the magazine’s publisher, understood that Remix’s best days were behind them.

Author: FutureMusic

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