Sonic Reality Releases Studio ProFiles – Drum Masters Silver, Gold & Platinum Editions

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Sonic Reality has released Studio ProFiles – Drum Masters Silver, Gold and Platinum Editions featuring legendary drummer’s kits and grooves.

For the first time, multi-track drum kits and multi-track Rex 2 grooves are playable from one virtual instrument plug-in for creating the most realistic drum tracks ever. Bundled with Sonic Reality’s new Infinite Player powered by Native Instruments Kontakt, the Drum Masters range of products offers the authentic sound of legendary session drummers recorded in some of the best studios in the world.

Featuring legendary drummer’s drum kits and grooves in 24 bit Stereo Rex 2 format mapped in beat mode across the keyboard and as playable kits in the supplied Infinite Player plug-in. It includes sample material from Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson), Steve Gadd (Paul Simon, Steely Dan), Danny Gottlieb (Pat Metheny Group), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), John Blackwell (Prince, Diddy), Nick D‚ Virgilio (Genesis, TFF, Spock’s Beard), Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick) and Ed Greene (Barry White, Steely Dan). Users will be able to continually expand their bundled Infinite Player with additional stereo and multi-track drum kits, and grooves.

The Drum Masters Gold Editon includes everything from the Silver Edition plus a variety of multi-track drum kits and grooves. From the powerful three snare Yamaha kit of Jerry Marotta with world pop rhythms in the style of Peter Gabriel to the R pop sound of John Blackwell to the classic funk rock sound of Ed Greene to progressive rock drumming with Nick D’Virgilio and modern jazz with master cymbalist Danny Gottlieb, the Gold Edition offers a wide variety of killer drum sounds for every need. With 150 multi-track grooves from each drummer and the associated drum kit from the session you can build a drum track with seamless transitions between the midi playable kit and the original audio grooves all while having full discrete mix control of the mic channels in both. Stick, brush, blastick/hot rods and mallet played kits are also included.

The Drum Masters Platinum Edition includes everything from the Silver and Gold Editions plus additional multi-track and stereo grooves and more stellar sounding studio drum kits with discrete control of the mics. Special additions include samples of a 6-tom Gretsch kit in a large room modeled after the famous Town House studio in London as well as a vintage Premier kit with the addition of Roto Toms and Timbales as toms similar to those played by drummers Bill Bruford, Phil Collins, Nick Mason, Neil Peart and other great drummers. Includes extra drum sampling sessions done with the help of the Drum Doctor Ross Garfield and recorded at the esoteric Lawnmower Studio in Pasadena where Nick D’Virgiilio and Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality used to record with Kevin Gilbert.

Sonic Reality’s Drum Masters Silver Edition costs $299; Drum Masters Gold Edition retails for $499 (Kits Only for $399); and Drum Masters Platinum Edition will set you back a whopping $995.
MIDI grooves will be made available for all three versions. More information on Sonic Reality’s Drum Masters.

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