Jeroen Breebaart Unleashes FSynth Pro – VST Plug-In For Windows

Jeroen Breebaart has released FSynth Pro, a resynthesizer VST effect plug-in for Windows. FSynth ProFSynth Pro is an audio effect that allows to modify the envelope and filter characteristics of existing audio events as if they were generated using MIDI.

FSynth Pro detects new audio events in the incoming audio signals, and configures an internal synthesizer in real time to sound very similar to the detected event. The envelope and filter characteristics of this internal synthesizer can subsequently be modified to drastically change the character of audio events. FSynth Pro is very suitable for spicing up drum or percussion tracks and to generate soundscapes from real-time input.

Jeroen Breebaart’s FSynth Pro will set you back €10. More information on Breebaart FSynth Pro.

Author: FutureMusic

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