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Berkley Integrated Audio Software, BIAS if you’re nasty, has released Peak Express 6, an upgrade to their entry level Peak audio editing product for the Mac. Peak Express 6 adds significant features, including integration with the newly released BIAS iProRecorder, a high-quality and intuitive general purpose recording application for iPhone and iPod touch.

Bias owns the Mac audio software editing market with their outstanding Peak Pro 6 audio suite, which includes not only a host of “Swiss Army Knife” editing tools, but also solid mastering plug-ins as well. Bias is now shifting their entry level strategy to include a new audio recording application for the Apple iPhone, dubbed iProRecorder, which can work in concert with Express 6.

The combination of features, easy interface, and low introductory price, makes Peak Express an obvious choice for Mac users interested in easily editing audio, improving voice recordings, transferring analog cassettes and vinyl LPs to an iPod, designing sounds for iLife projects, audio file format conversion, and more. Peak Express is also an excellent introduction to the more feature-rich editions of Peak (Peak LE, Peak Pro, and Peak Pro XT).

» Fast integrated stereo/mono recording, editing & processing
» 24-bit/48 kHz audio recording/playback
» Uses built in Mac I/O & Core Audio compatible audio hardware
» Unlimited Undo/Redo
» High quality real-time and offline sample rate conversion
» Pencil tool sample editing — repair spikes and short clicks
» Sample accurate loop creation
» Trigger live playback of up to 10 documents using Mac keyboard number keys
» CD Import: import all or portions of CD tracks
» DSP toolset includes Fade In/Out, Normalize, Gain Envelope, Reverse, Convert Sample Rate, Mix, Invert
» Read/Write loop & reference markers
» Read/Write MP2, MP3, AAC, AIFF,.WAVE, SDII, QT, JAM, FLAC and more
» Customize audio document size/color

Import, Record, Edit and Process — In addition to direct file transfer support from iProRecorder, Peak Express 6 offers essential audio importing, recording, editing and processing options for both the casual and more serious audiophile. Peak Express 6 opens most popular file formats, including AIFF, .WAV, SDII, MP3, MP2, QuickTime, AAC, and FLAC.

Peak Express 6 can also import entire tracks, or selected portions, directly from CDs, making it easy to create custom mixes or sound collages from existing content. Editing features such as cut, copy, paste and crop, are included, along with processing options such as normalization, sample rate conversion, adjustable gain, and fades. Even an intuitive pencil tool for manual repair of digital clicks is included with Peak Express 6 as well as audio looping, custom location reference markers, and more.

Peak Express 6 supports and includes dozens of Audio Units and VST effects plug-ins — from simple tone control to reverb, delay, and more exotic effects. Whether used to improve a voiceover for a Podcast episode, corporate training video, DV soundtrack, lecture, sermon, or home media project, adding effects is easy with Peak Express, and users can always expand their options as needed. For example, SoundSoap can be added for specific tasks such as noise reduction and auto click & crackle repair Ðessential for vinyl LP restoration or reducing background noise — and other plug-ins from BIAS and third parties are also available.

Peak Express 6 saves audio files in most popular formats, but files can also be sent directly from Peak Express to iTunes for easy transfer to an iPod. Users can select whether to let iTunes handle the encoding, send the file uncompressed, or use different encoders within Peak Express 6 prior to sending. Metadata editing is also supported and ID3 tags featuring artist, album, genre, and more can be added prior to export from Peak Express 6.

Bias’ Peak Express 6 is available now for the special introductory price of $39.95. (A real bargain! –Ed.) More information on Bias Peak Express 6.

Author: FutureMusic

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