Focusrite Announces Saffire PRO 40 – Firewire Audio Interface

Focusrite has announced their new Saffire PRO 40, a next generation Focusrite multi-channel firewire audio interface. Focusrite’s pre-amp technology forms the foundation of this new interface, with eight Focusrite pre-amps. These are combined with the very latest in Firewire interfacing technology to deliver seamless integration, excellent routing flexibility and driver stability.

Focusite claims the 8 Saffire PRO 40 pre-amps ensure low noise and distortion, while quality digital conversion and JetPLL jitter elimination technology ensure audio quality as your audio flows between the analogue and digital domains.

» Eight Quality Focusrite Pre-amps
» High Quality 24-bit/96kHz Firewire Interface
» High quality A-D / D-A conversion and JetPLL jitter elimination technology
» Total I/O Count of 20 Inputs and 20 Outputs
» The Focusrite Plug-in Suite: Compression, Reverb, Gating and EQ VST/AU plug-ins.
» Two separate headphone buses
» Saffire PRO 40 Control Zero-latency DSP Mixer/Router – 18 x 16 DSP mixer
» Routing flexibility

No pricing or availability has been announced. More information on the Focusrite Saffire PRO 40.

Author: FutureMusic

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