Black Friday Bank Account Buster: Moog Announces Taurus Bass Pedals

Just when you thought Black Friday was supposed to be about cheap shopping, Moog Music has announced some uber-expensive, limited-edition Taurus Bass Pedals. Moog pretty much does the exact opposite of the status quo, such as debuting products on April Fools Day, so unveiling a revamped version of their vintage Taurus Pedals at stratospheric prices should not floor anyone. Features: » 100% Analog Sound Engine based entirely on...

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Samplebase Announces Three Indie Rock Construction Kits & Three New Sample Libraries

Samplebase has unveiled three Indie Rock Construction Kits by producer Five Seven Five Music, which marks the beginning of a new “Rock” category on Samplebase. Dusk to Dust, Relevation, and Hana contain separate mixable elements such as drums and percussion, bass guitar, electric guitar, organ, piano, and “tron” loops that allow users to produce their own mixes. The first few multis in each Constuction Kit...

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