Waves Announces Dorrough Meter Collection

Waves Audio has announced the Waves Dorrough Meter Collection. Developed in association with Dorrough Electronics, Inc., the Israeli company has modeled several popular hardware meters that claim to offer the same readability, musicality and accuracy of the original units.

Clear and comprehensive, Dorrough Meters are renowned for their unique ability to paint a detailed picture of true loudness, which is why more Dorroughs are used in advanced production facilities than those of any other brand. Displaying both average and peak levels in a single readout, Waves Dorrough Meters are the only meters which actually let users see the density of the sound.

» Super-fast peak response
» Left/right phase correlation
» Sum and difference energies for optimal stereo-to-mono compatibility
» Display number of “overs”
» Three selectable styles: horizontal (280-D/240-D), vertical (380-D/340-D) and arc (40AES/EBU)
» Three selectable sizes: extra large, large and small
» Switch between display sizes and styles with the click of a mouse
» 40dB scale in 1dB steps
» Mono and stereo components

Waves also recently launched a Tips ‘n’ Tricks section on their website. The dedicated category offers substantial advice for getting specific results using Waves plug-ins, but readers can also glean savvy advice that will translate to most other comparable gear.

No pricing or availability has been announced for the Waves Dorrough Meter Collection

Author: FutureMusic

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