Clavia Announces Nord Stage EX

Clavia has announced the revamped Nord Stage EX lineup. The Stage EX models have gained a cosmetic polish and some hardware modifications including increased memory capacity for the piano samples from 128 to 256 MB.

» The EX units have twice the internal memory capacity for piano samples compared to the former models, an increase from 128 to 256 MB
»The front panel sports a new color scheme
»The EX 88 and EX 76 models have labels printed on the front panel upper rim to indicate the position and function of the rear panel jacks

The increased memory allows users to add more pianos from the Nord Stage Piano Library, to bring an even greater selection of these sounds to each and every performance. The release of the Nord Stage EX will be accompanied by the release of a new grand piano, the Yamaha mk2 XL version, with more additions to the free Nord Piano Library to come in the following months. Any additions to the Piano Library will also be compatible with the previous Nord Stage units.

The production of the Nord Stage EX models is scheduled to begin in the first weeks of October. No pricing or delivery dates have been announced. More information on the Nord Stage EX.

Author: FutureMusic

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