Stanton Readies DaScratch SCS.3d – New Entry Level MIDI DJ Controller

Stanton made us go through this entire rigmarole, signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), giving away our first born son, and bequeathing everything we own to Stanton upon death – just so we could review preliminary information on their new SCS.3d DJ MIDI Controller. Then what do they do?? They put up up a page on their own site pimping the SCS.3d. Just ridiculous…

The SCS.3d or “DaScratch” (Stanton, just stick to the alphanumeric names please… –Ed.) is described as an entry level controller, meaning that it should be quite affordable. It features an enhanced track pad, unknown whether it accepts multi-touch input, that will allow the DJ to scratch, trigger samples, EQ, pitch, navigate and more.

It will reportedly work with all major DJ applications and available for purchase when it is officially announced on September 19th.

More information on the Stanton SCS.3d MIDI DJ Controller.

Author: FutureMusic

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