Sony Ericsson Working On New Music Service?

According to insiders at a couple of major labels, Sony Ericsson is reportedly working on an unlimited music downloading service for its Walkman-branded cellphones. The reports were reiterated by the Financial Times who disclosed that Sony Ericsson was working on a new subscription service to rival some of the established players.

Nokia, Sony Ericsson’s main, non-Apple competition in the music phone arena, is also working on their own service. Sources state that Sony Ericsson hopes to debut their new service before Christmas, but that could be ambitious.

Currently, the collection of Walkman phones now available work on a pay-per-track business model, with close to 5 million non-DRM-ed songs in their catalog.

The Future: Although, Sony Ericsson would benefit from a comprehensive music service, Sony must still be smarting from the complete failure of their Connect download store. Even after all this time, we are still finding companies rushing into the online music space without taking the time to really think things through, and provide a product development road map that would give their offering depth to properly compete against rivals.

Author: FutureMusic

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