Bremmers Audio Design Upgrades MultitrackStudio To Version 5

Bremmers Audio Design has upgraded MultitrackStudio, the audio/MIDI multitrack recording program for Windows, to version 5.

Bremmers claims MultitrackStudio has been redesigned to make it easier and faster to use. The user interface has been streamlined and now offers several color themes to choose from.

Among the new features is the Song Editor, which can insert or remove parts from the song affecting not only the tracks but markers, tempo / time signature, chords, lyrics and automation as well. The new Multi MIDI Editor allows for editing multiple tracks in a single pianoroll. It is intended for working on string arrangements etc.

Other new features include enhanced take management, sound-on-sound recording and song versions. The Pro Plus edition now features song templates.

Bremmers’ MultitrackStudio Pro Plus costs $119; MultitrackStudio Professional will set you back $69. More information on Bremmers MultitrackStudio 5.

Author: FutureMusic

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