Apple iPod Nano 4G Case Sighting Confirms Rumored New Design

The new Apple iPod Nano 4G design, that had been batted around in the rumor mill for the past couple of months, was confirmed at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany when several cases by Hama were spotted with the “for iPod nano 4G” tag.

This latest “outing” by a third-party manufacturer is not the first time that a new Apple product was betrayed by an accessory maker. Uniea began promoting and selling cases for the the last iPod Nano before it had been officially announced by Apple.

This reveal demonstrates that product information is now slipping through Apple’s iron fist. Although Hama and Uniea will be appropriately “punished” for their indiscretion, it remains to be seen how Apple will plug up the holes in the future.

Author: FutureMusic

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