Weekend Fun: Ciamillo Lunocet 015 Monofin

Thanks to Michael Phelps, your local pool is now jammed with wannabes fantasizing about beating their opponent by 1/100th of a second, even if its the 90 year old woman in the next lane, with a final dolphin kick.

Well, even if they don’t possess Phelps’ superior skills, they can now get the sensation of a powerful dolphin kick by strapping on the Ciamillo Lunocet Monofin 015. Phelps, as this best, has been clocked at 5 miles per hour, however with the carbon fiber Lunocet, Ciamillo claims you can go 8mph.

The Lunocet is constructed from silicon, wrapped in carbon fiber, and weighs 2.5 lbs out of the water. However, when it’s in the water it’s positively buoyant. Strapping your feet into the titanium footplate, the monofin gives you serious thrust, and could be a great alternative to fins when snorkeling.

Ciamillo’s Lunocet 015 costs between $1250 and $1800 based on the configuration, and is available now. More information on the Ciamillo Lunocet monofin.

Author: FutureMusic

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