Analogue Solutions Is Taking Requests

Analogue Solutions, a one-man operation out of Kingswinford, England, is taking requests. That’s right, Tom Carpenter, needs your help. So if you have any cool ideas on a new analogue synth you may want to hit Tom up.

We made a suggestion a while ago…a new website. Tom’s site is stuck in 1997, complete with framed menu bar, so if you’ve got web skills you may want to give him some love. He doesn’t give anything away for free, but he may toss you a free t-shirt if you catch him on a good day. Here’s how he put it…

So, what product would you like us to design next?
I have about 3 products coming out in the next 6-12 months. But nothing new past that on the design board, since I have been so busy with the Leipzig keyboard synth.

I have a few ideas of the type of synth/analogue related-product I might do next (though it will never be anything radical, synth analogue stuff as been around for 30 or so years so it’s all been covered. All I can do really is re-invent the wheel, so to speak.) I specialise in monosynths, modulars, percussion and analogue sequencers. I will not get involved with DSP, digital circuits (beyond MIDI and logic), patch memories (complex and expensive to implement) or polysynths (expensive) – to give you an idea of our design ethos.

If you want to share your thoughts let me know. But please don’t be offended if I don’t reply since there’s lots to do here! But I will try and share my thoughts back where I can. Some things I consider when thinking about new products; do I have the technical skill to achieve the design, will it be too complex or expensive to produce, will anyone actually BUY it! Also I have to like the idea. I never design any product that I won’t enjoy myself.

Notice how there’s absolutely no indication of any monetary compensation, so if you don’t mind giving away your ideas then go for it. Otherwise. you may want to take another course of action, like doing it yourself…

More information on Analogue Solutions.

Author: FutureMusic

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