50 Cent Banks $150 Million

50 Cent banked $150 million last year. That’s right One-Fiddy Million dollars. According to Forbes, 50’s take easily surpassed Jay-Z, Eminem, Diddy, and Kanye West.

After taking a beatdown in a much-publicized record release battle with Kayne West last year, 50 Cent announced he would “retire” from the record business. His timing couldn’t have been better. With a well-diversified group of beverage, recording, merchandise, film, and gaming assets, the “rapper” netted $150 million over the last 12 months. Most of the coin came from the sale of Glaceau, owners of VitaminWater, to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion. Curtis Jackson, 50’s real name, scored $100 million on the deal after taxes due to his savvy deal in which he was compensated with equity in Glaceau, instead of the usual one-time payout with royalties.

By comparison, Jay-Z netted $82 million last year, Diddy scored $35 million, Kayne $30 million and Tupac took in $15 million from the grave.

Now comes news that Fiddy is taking an equity position in a South African mining operation with billionaire Patrice Motsepe. What’s next? 50 Cent asphalt? Don’t be surprised! The man has come a long way from selling cocaine on the streets of Queens…

Author: FutureMusic

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