Orbitsound Debuts T3 Portable Speaker

Unless you’re willing to tote around a mega boom box, it takes a lot of political uncorrectiveness to blast choons as you saunter around. With the aforementioned boom box, your peers have to at least respect the fact that you’re hauling 60 pounds of plastic, speakers, and tape deck on your shoulder, but if you walk around with a speaker-necklace, you may want to be prepared for abuse…

Well, Orbitsound obviously doesn’t feel that way. They have just introduced the T3 portable speaker system. About the size of a pack of cigs, the T3 is meant to be worn around the neck and, get this, provides “your own personal stereo aura around your head.”

The T3 jacks into your iPod, music phone, personal media player, PSP, etc. and claims to give you 10 hours of playtime from the rechargeable battery. The dual 8 watt, airSOUND speakers allege to provide a wide, spatial stereo sound. From their crack marketing copy: “The result is literally music in the air.” (Like, where else is it going to be?? Underwater? In your pants? –Ed.)

In all seriousness, it will take a lot to get the youths of today to rock this puppy in public. It is more likely to appeal to laptop owners who want a portable stereo system to utilize on the go, or, if it actually sounds good, it may be well suited for ill-equipped cars that don’t have a cassette deck or 3.5mm input jack for connecting an iPod.

The Orbitsound T3 costs $170 and is available now. More information on the Orbitsound T3.

Author: FutureMusic

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