Koblo Reinvents Itself Around Community Web 2.0 Model

Koblo is attempting to re-establish itself by developing a Web 2.0 community site and releasing an open source digital audio workstation.

Integral to DAW and the community site will be an online marketplace where plug-ins, tracks and complete projects can be bought and sold. This marketplace will be available to all members of the community sell songs, loops and beats, plug-ins. In the near future via the Koblo Studio, users will be able to purchase remix, sessions from famous artists, and find track packs to build compositions around.

“When we launched Koblo V.1 in 1998 I traveled extensively in support of the products. Technology had enabled so many new ways of working, and yet, music was still created in a linear fashion,” said Max Gronlund, founder of Koblo. Big stars had teams of experts and sophisticated working groups to produce their music. I wondered how could technology be used to do that for all musicians. I wanted to create tools that connect people to music and musicians to each other.” said Max. “Technology has now caught up with that vision. With the advances in web applications and computing in the cloud, we can now collaborate globally in a way that works. Enabling groups of people to work together in an efficient fashion.”

Michael Logue, Co-founder of the new Koblo said,” I first met Max at Summer NAMM in Austin in 2007. I thought to myself, who in their right mind comes to summer NAMM to launch a software company?” From that moment on I knew that Max was somebody to connect with. It was only later that I found out who he was. Now that we have the community side of this up and running it was time to go public.

“Our goal is to enable the creative voices in our community to do what they do best, create. We are bringing a new way of doing business to the music community. Koblo.com will be a place where musicians can interact with fans, other musicians and vendors of software and services. We are incorporating into our presence online a fundamental belief that by connecting the creative voices of the world we enable change. Because every revolution has a soundtrack.”

More information on Koblo 2.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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